Mathilda van Dyk




        Helping you to

        heal yourself!






Mathilda van Dyk specialises in the impossible. Her passion is to help people discover options, alternatives and to be motivated by unlimited possibilities. In fact, some might say that she is compulsive about choice and possibility; the thing that is totally irresistible to ‘choice and possibility’ people is BREAKING THE RULES. Her normal procedure is…. Let’s not follow normal procedure!


Her speciality is phobias… she has a 100% success record because she will do whatever it takes to help a client get rid of their phobia, being prepared to do whatever is necessary. In response, some clients have said: “Never seen anybody so tough, and yet so gentle.”


One way she looks at her role is as a ‘Midwife to your genius’. In an article, someone wrote of her that “she has many children; none she gave birth to, but many she gave life too.” She believes strongly that it is your birth right to live standing fully in your personal power and to live your best life possible.



Mathilda's extensive background in Psychology, Life-Coaching, Kinesiology and other forms of healing means that she will be able to help you to facilitate your healing.


Twenty years of research and practice has taught her that healing comes from within the client, not from the practitioner. And the way she works is non-intrusive - she can still help you with your healing process without her having to know the sensitive details of what happened.



Some pursue happiness, others

                create it!ess














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